the value of failure

The Value of Failure

Human beings have a tendency to inherently build value systems.

Why do we do it?

Even though there’s no proof of our belief and value systems, we do tend to follow through and act based on said beliefs, and this has the side-effect of building on itself. In other words, belief systems beget belief systems. Sounds circular, because it is.

How could we have known?

The usually unexpected, and possibly unwanted shake in worldview that may cause us to change our concepts necessarily needs to approach us from a blind spot. A point or area around us where whatever shoots at us will pass unannounced, which will prevent us from dodging it.

Too dark, and still.

There aren’t very many certainties that we can use to support ourselves, and this isn’t simply an empty statement or a void perception. There are actual consequences to those cognizant of their own ignorance of things.

Often, a reminder of our own lack of understanding can be delivered to our doorsteps through one of our many receptors: pain.